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Labor intensive work causes many Construction accidents

Concrete work is one of the most labor intensive jobs on construction sites in New York. It is also a field in which the fast pace could lead to construction accidents. It's crucial that work on any such project must not start before a hazard assessment is done and mitigated.

Struck-by injuries could involve hammers or other trade tools, or the boom and chute of the concrete pump truck. The caustic and abrasive nature of concrete can cause skin irritations, which can be prevented by wearing clothing and boots to avoid skin contact and washing off any concrete from the skin. Concrete workers face slip, trip and fall hazards caused by uneven ground, form work, rebar and randomly placed tools.

Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis

Drivers in New York will always be at risk of suffering traumatic injuries in car accidents. Some of the worst outcomes of crashes involve spinal cord injuries that leave victims paralyzed. The location and extent of the injury determines the damage to the victim's mobility. Paralysis only results from injuries that sever or compress the spinal cord, which is protected by the spinal column.

Spinal cord damage in the neck area typically causes quadriplegia, while injuries lower down could cause paraplegia. A loss of sensation and mobility occurs below the area that was damaged. The injuries could be complete or incomplete, depending on the severity of damage to the spinal cord. Incomplete injuries could leave victims with some level of movement or feeling, while complete injuries cause total paralysis below the injury site.

Always watch for motorcycles on the roadways

The feel of the open road pulls many New Yorkers to enjoy motorcycle rides. Individuals who head out on these vehicles know the proper safety protocol and will handle things in a way that enables them to return home at the end of the ride.

Many people don't realize just how much motorcyclists count on other motorists to help them remain safe. The small profile of the motorcycle means that they are more difficult for other drivers to spot than other vehicles. This means that all drivers have to be more careful when they're moving through intersections and other areas where motorcyclists might be hidden by obstacles near the road.

Which parties can be held responsible for birth injuries?

It is only natural for parents to be anxious before and during the birth of their child. Learning that a newborn suffered birth injuries is the last thing they would want. When this happens at a New York hospital, the parents might have grounds to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Liability in such a claim might not be limited to the doctor who handled the birth but also anesthesiologists, nurses, pharmaceutical companies and the medical facility.

Depending on the facts of the case, the hospital might be held responsible for negligence. It could also be vicariously liable for the negligence of the doctor or other medical caregivers. If the facility does not employ the attending physician, it might have been negligent in granting the doctor privileges. Some of the duties of care the medical facility have include protecting the patient from harm, performing clinical tests adequately and keeping accurate records.

Head and brain injuries prevalent among construction workers

New York construction workers face an endless list of safety hazards that could lead to life-altering injuries. Head and brain injuries are typically associated with contact sports and car accidents instead of construction work. However, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says a significant number of workers nationwide suffered severe or fatal head injuries over recent years.

Traumatic brain injuries do not necessarily mean a puncture wound to the head. Construction workers are at risk of falling from elevated levels like scaffolds, equipment malfunction or electrocution. Any of these workplace accidents could involve the worker's head striking a hard object. When that happens, the brain smashes into the skull's hard inner walls, damaging or destroying brain cells.

Noncompliance with safety rules cause many construction accidents

The New York City Department of Buildings is investigating an incident that caused severe injuries to a worker. The New York City Fire Department responded to a construction site on the Upper East Side at approximately 8 a.m. on a recent Monday. A spokesperson for the DOB confirmed the incident is under investigation. Although the DOB and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribe strict safety standards, construction accidents continue to occur with alarming frequency.

Carrying out hazard assessments is crucial, especially on renovation sites where unexpected dangers could lurk. The scene of this accident is a seven-story UES commercial structure that is being converted to a residential building. The FDNY reports that the injured worker fell through some planking and landed in the basement.

New trial ordered for damages after fatal spinal surgery

Waiting for a loved one to come out of surgery could feel like a nightmare for anyone in New York and across the country. To then learn that the person died soon after the surgical procedure is indescribable. A man in another state whose wife died during spinal surgery received a monetary judgment in a medical malpractice lawsuit. However, he recently learned that the court voided the amount of damages awarded at that time, saying that it is not consistent with other similar cases.

The trial in question occurred in March 2018, in which the husband claimed the death of his wife was caused by medical negligence. He claimed negligent medical personnel administered depressants and opioids to his wife during the surgical procedure at an outpatient facility. Reportedly his wife died within hours after the procedure.

What types of hazards do railroad workers face?

Railroad workers often have to deal with harsh conditions. Keeping them safe must be a top priority for all employers in the railway industry. While some individuals might think of this as a relatively safe job, it is possible for workers to die or suffer catastrophic injuries when things go awry on the job.

Preliminary data for 2019 published by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics notes that there were nine fatalities and 3,856 injuries of on-duty railroad employees. This is a decline from the 17 deaths and 3,927 injuries in 2018; however, that's a bit misleading because these workers put in fewer hours in 2019 than they did in 2018.

Spinal cord injuries could be catastrophic

Some of the injuries caused by auto accidents, sports accidents, assaults or gunshots could leave the victims with permanent disabilities. Spinal cord injuries are one example that has left many New York accident victims with different levels of paralysis. The spinal cord contains the nerves that form the connection between the entire body and the brain. When those nerves are damaged, messages between the brain and the body are compromised.

Spinal cord injuries are complete or incomplete, depending on the severity of the damage. Incomplete SCI leaves the affected areas of the body with some feeling and function, while complete SCI causes total paralysis to the affected body parts. Loss of function and sensation occurs in the area below the point of injury. SCI damage in the neck area could affect all four limbs, the trunk and chest area. Similarly, injuries to the spinal cord in the lower or mid-back areas usually affect fewer regions.

Construction accidents: Machine malfunction kills 1, injures 3

New York workers trust that their companies care about their well-being, and that is true in a majority of cases. However, employees can still be hurt while on the job. The construction industry often carries significant risk to workers simply due to the nature of the job. Construction accidents can have severe outcomes, such as the recent case where one worker died and three others were injured due to a window-washing machine malfunction.

The incident happened on a recent weekday afternoon on the East Side of Manhattan. Several workers were attempting to restore the facade of the building. Investigators say that the window-washing machine dropped on top of a construction shed and scaffolding for an unknown reason. That construction shed and scaffolding fell onto the sidewalk below. Some of the building facade also fell in the accident.

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