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What a parent should know about Erb's palsy

New City area residents who are expecting a baby feel overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation. Expecting parents spend months preparing for the new arrival and dreaming about their future. Most of the time these parents' dreams come true and their newborn is perfect. But occasionally a birth injury occurs that can turn a parents' world upside down.

Erb's palsy is one such birth injury that can occur. It is alarming when a baby is born with Erb's palsy. Many times the infants arms hang limply from their shoulder and they don't look right. These injuries can occur during delivery when the baby's neck is stretched to one side during delivery. It is recognizable at birth but the extent of the injury may not be known for many months. It is caused by pulling on the shoulders during a head first delivery or by pressure on an infant's arms during a breech birth. Using extraction tools during delivery can also cause this condition. Erb's palsy can be treated by physical therapy, occupational therapy and surgery to repair nerve damage. It can take months to years of medical treatment to recover from the injury.

The most dangerous risks construction workers face

Construction in New York City is a tireless industry, operating year-round to construct new buildings, maintain or restore old ones and compete the myriad of other projects across the city. Construction is also one of the most dangerous industries for workers, posing constant risks that could cause serious or fatal injuries.

New York City is unfortunately no stranger to serious construction accidents. City data shows that deaths on work sites have increased by 33% compared to those from just five years ago. For this same time period, injuries increased by 221%.

Was your child's cerebral palsy preventable?

When a New City area couple is expecting a child, they are often excited and thrilled with the new arrival. Parents-to-be spend months planning for their new arrival. They decorate a nursery, purchase baby clothes, shop for cribs, and spend hours planning the birth. But no matter how much a couple plans, things can still go wrong and a birth injury like cerebral palsy can occur.

No new parent every expects their child will suffer from a birth injury. Unfortunately, a birth injury can happen to anyone. One such birth injury is cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a disorder that causes impaired movement. A person with cerebral palsy can have variations in muscle tone, stiff muscles, lack of muscle coordination, delays in reaching motor skills milestones, difficulty walking, seizures, intellectual disabilities, and other problems. Many times, an infant is born with cerebral palsy but occasionally a birth injury can cause it. If, during the birth, the baby is deprived of oxygen for a period of time, it can cause cerebral palsy.

Anoxia can be a serious condition that leads to death

Medical professionals are skilled in helping people work through their injuries and illnesses. Most of the time they are able to help their patients get better and manage their medical symptoms, but occasionally something goes wrong and results in medical negligence and brain injuries.

Anoxia, for example, is when a person's brain does not receive enough oxygen. If a brain does not receive enough oxygen in four minutes, it can become permanently damaged. When the brain does not receive enough oxygen the brain cells begin to die. There are ways in which medical negligence can lead to anoxia. If a heart attack or stroke isn't treated promptly it can lead to anoxia. Also, anesthesia errors are a common cause of anoxia. If an asthmatic person isn't treated properly for severe brachial asthma that can cause anoxia as well.

Failure to diagnose major medical problem can be deadly mistake

All of us at some point rely on the expertise of a medical provider. We need these physicians to take the time to understand our medical condition and treat it in a timely manner. Luckily, this is usually what occurs for New City area residents. But, occasionally a physician does not accurately diagnose a major medical problem and that can be a deadly mistake.

There are many different ways in which mistakes are made by a physician and a correct diagnosis is not made. A physician may overlook a set of symptoms that indicate a serious medical condition. They may misread an x-ray. Or, a physician may just be too busy to listen to their patient's symptoms and miss critical information. In these situations, a patient may suffer from lack of treatment or from the wrong treatment. Patients can also suffer even more harm, or even death, because of their condition not being diagnosed properly.

What birth injuries should you be aware of?

As a soon-to-be mother, having you or your baby suffer from a birth injury might be one of your worst fears. Some injuries are immediately apparent and some take longer to recognize. Some are temporary and some last a lifetime. Symptoms can vary. Some are mild and some are serious.

You want to protect your child in any way. But what if you do not know what birth injuries to even look out for? There are a variety of types of injuries you or your baby baby could suffer from. Here are a few that new mothers should know about.

Fungus is a deadly problem at New York health care facilities

There are many people in the New City area who have spent time in a health care facility or have family members in a health care facility. These facilities exist in order to take care of people who need help. Whether it is a hospital, assisted living facility or nursing home, these facilities are important in our community. Families believe that their loved ones in these care facilities will be well taken care of and often this is the case. But, a serious fungus has emerged in New York care facilities that may lead to unexpected injuries.

The Candida auris, a superbug fungus, is spreading through New York health care facilities. The fungus spreads in a person's bloodstream and is resistant to medication, which is making it difficult to contain. Since the outbreak began in 2016 over 179 people have died in New York, which has the highest rate of infection in the nation. Senator Charles Schumer is urging federal officials to declare a state of emergency because of the fungus. He is urging the federal government to invest money to identify and treat the deadly fungus before it affects anyone else. Hospitals and nursing homes are especially at risk of having the infection affect their patients.

Construction work now deadliest job

Many people in the New City area work in the construction industry. Construction jobs tend to pay well and don't usually require higher-level degrees. Construction workers usually have families that they provide for and, although construction jobs can be dangerous, there are often safety measures that can be put in place to reduce the risks.

Statistics are showing that construction accidents are on the rise in New York City and across the state of New York. Three workers have been killed recently. Work site deaths are up 33% compared to five years ago, while work site injuries are up 221%. Those who analyze workplace safety believe that many contractors are cutting corners and are hiring cheaper labor. There is also a building boom going on in the city, which is putting the pressure on contractors and is coming at a cost of worker safety. It is estimated that over a quarter of building sites in New York City are not in compliance. By 2020 construction workers will be required to have 40 hours of safety training, while right now they are only required to have 10 hours. If workers are found to not have the proper safety training the contractor, property owner and worker's employer will be fined $5,000 each.

Electronic medical records often result in patient harm

Many New City area residents have a doctor who uses electronic records. It may even seem that the doctor spends more time typing on their computer than talking to patients face-to-face. Although doctors may like the ease of using electronic records, such records can actually lead to serious medical harm to a patient.

Electronic health records are medical charts that contain important medical history about a patient, including their medical care, previous doctor visits and prescriptions. They are used to give a medical provider a complete view of a patient's medical condition so that they can make good decisions regarding their care. Although electronic health records have advantages, there are disadvantages as well, which can lead to a patient's death.

New York woman receives large settlement for medical malpractice

When a New City area resident goes to the hospital, they expect the hospital will do their best to make their health condition better and not worse. Most of the time this is the case for patients, but occasionally a medical error occurs. These medical errors can result in a patient's worsened condition and even death.

A New York resident has received a settlement worth more than $100 million due to medical malpractice. The woman went to St. Barnabas Hospital because of an asthma attack. Instead of her condition improving, she suffered permanent injury. The hospital did not have the proper equipment to care for the build up of carbon dioxide in her brain and did not transfer her to another facility that could better care for her. Instead, she spent 328 days in the hospital and care facilities and suffered a brain injury that has confined her to a wheelchair and has crippling speech and motor delays.

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