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Syracuse surgeon malpractice case puts spotlight on patient care

Many New City area residents will need to have surgery in their lifetime. Most of these surgeries are scheduled and common ones are orthopedic surgeries to replace aging knees and hips. A Syracuse surgeon was recently hit with a medical malpractice settlement of $2 million that shed some light on how orthopedic surgeries can go wrong.

A Syracuse orthopedic surgeon was recently found guilty of medical malpractice and ordered to pay $2 million dollars for a hip replacement surgery. The surgeon had 14 orthopedic surgeries scheduled on the same day with the victim being number six.

Did Neil Armstrong actually die from medical malpractice?

There are many Americans who people consider heroes, both alive and dead. These people are often thought of as trailblazers in their own fields. With the recent 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, which put the first people on the moon, we were reminded of the bravery of these astronauts. It has come to light that one of the astronauts who was on this mission may have died as the result of a medical mishap.

A recent story published in the New York Times indicates that astronaut Neil Armstrong may have been the victim of medical malpractice instead of complications from heart surgery as was originally believed. A secret settlement was reached between an Ohio hospital and Armstrong's family of $6 million dollars in exchange for the family's silence about what happened. It is believed that several days after Armstrong had coronary bypass surgery, he had internal bleeding due to a cardiac tear when a pacing wire was removed. He died several days later due to extensive organ damage. It is believed that a nurse was the one who pulled the pacing wire which is typically not common procedure.

NY worker killed on the job

Every day New City area residents go to work and expect to come home each night to their family and friends. Most of the time this is the case as employers understand the importance of keeping their employees safe. But occasionally a serious accident occurs on a job site that leads to an employee suffering an unexpected serious injury.

A New York man was killed while working at a recycling plant. The 47-year-old man was struck by an excavator bucket and crushed. The bucket was being welded on at the time that it fell. The victim was wearing a hard hat but died as the result of his devastating injuries.

Medical professionals most overworked and exhausted profession

New City area residents have to visit the doctor many times over their lifetime. They trust these medical professionals to accurately diagnose their condition and help them feel better. But these doctors are often overworked and exhausted which can make a serious medical error more likely to happen.

Medical professionals often are the most overworked profession. It is estimated that doctors work 1.5 times more than other adults. According to the American College of Chest Physicians, the average doctor gets only between five to six hours of sleep each night. Half of doctors say that their schedule does not allow them to get adequate sleep. A sleep deprived doctor can have many issues that lead to a lapse in patient safety. Sleep deprived doctors can have problems with their memories and also their judgement which may lead to a fatal medical mistake.

NY couple receives wrong embryo in invitro mix-up

Many New York couples have trouble conceiving children. Not being able to conceive can be a disappointing and emotional situation for a couple. Luckily medical technology offers couples many options to conceive a baby. In vitro fertilization is one such option that couples have chosen for many years. Most of the time an invitro procedure goes well but a recent case in New York has resulted in a medical malpractice situation.

A New York couple is suing the fertility clinic they used with a claim that the clinic mixed up during their invitro procedure. The couple gave birth to twins this past March, but the children were not of Asian descent even though the parents are Asian. In early 2018 the clinic collected an egg and sperm from the couple and created five embryos, four of which were female. When the woman had a sonogram, they noticed that both of the twins were boys. The couple called the clinic to ask how that is possible since they only had one boy embryo and the clinic said that sonograms can be inaccurate. After the babies were born, DNA testing confirmed that they were not genetically connected to their parents nor were they related to each other. Because of this, the birth parents were forced to give the babies to their genetic parents. The birth parents are suing the fertility clinic with accusations of physical and emotional harm, medical malpractice, negligence and 14 other claims.

Importance of the spinal cord and why injury is so devastating

Spinal cord injuries are often the result of a serious injury. Sometimes tragedy hits because of a devastating car accident or a work-related injury. Either way, accident victims suffering with a spinal cord injury also face a very difficult road ahead.

The spinal cord provides the human body with its primary support structure as well as the distributor of vital information to and from the brain. Serious injury often leads to permanent damage and a lifetime of physical and mental adjustments.

Common dangers motorcyclists face in the summer

Whether you ride your motorcycle year-round or only when the weather turns warmer, the summer months pose constant opportunities to hit the roads and spend time outdoors. You may look forward to the freedom of driving on the open roads.

However, motorcyclists face constant dangers on New York roads. In summer months, with more drivers on the roads due to holiday weekends, extended vacations, school out for the summer and more, these risks can become heightened. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), while motorcyclists account for just 3% of registered vehicles, they account for 14% of traffic-related fatalities. As a motorcyclist, what do you need to know to stay safe and avoid a serious accident?

Types of anesthesia malpractice

Most New City area residents will have to undergo a medical procedure involving anesthesia during their life. Anesthesia is necessary for many medical procedures, including surgeries. Although most of the time when a patient is under general anesthesia everything goes as expected, occasionally a patient can suffer a traumatic brain injury because of a medical mistake.

General anesthesia can lead to a medical mistake which can greatly harm the patient. One situation is where there is a failure to monitor blood flow to the brain while the patient is under general anesthesia. If the blood flow to the brain is interrupted, the patient can have a stroke or a brain injury. Another situation is if a patient aspirates during the surgery. The patient may vomit, and the contents could go into the respiratory system which can lead to a low level of oxygen. A patient may also have drug allergies that a doctor misses which can lead to an adverse reaction. A breathing tube is used to assist a patient with breathing during surgery and if the tube is placed incorrectly it can cause a brain injury or other damage. And once the surgery is over, the patient needs continuous monitoring. If the patient isn't monitored thoroughly, they can suffer from a brain injury or other unexpected injury.

Traumatic brain injuries caused by a car accident

Luckily most families in the New City area haven't had to deal with a serious car accident. Unfortunately, there are still several families who have had a loved one involved in a car accident that has serious injuries. Sometimes these injuries can result in a brain injury.

A traumatic brain injury occurs when there is a sudden blow or jolt to the head. A car accident or motorcycle accident is a common cause of a TBI. A severe TBI can change a life forever. It can cause a concussion, bruising to the brain, nerve damage, bleeding of the brain and blood clots. A life-threatening TBI can lead to a victim being in intensive care, requiring surgery, needing a breathing tube or feeding tube and months to years of recovery, if that is even possible.

Critics question medical boards' commitment to patient safety

When doctors make mistakes, they put their patients' lives at risk. New York's and other state medical boards has an important role to play in making sure doctors are performing their duties, but critics say the medical boards are letting too many medical mistakes happen without the doctor losing their license.

The state medical board has many important roles. It licenses medical doctors, investigates complaints regarding the doctors, disciplines doctors who violate their medical roles and refers physicians to evaluation and rehabilitation and evaluation when appropriate. There have been several instances in New York and across the United States where the state medical board's decisions have been questioned.

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