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Ready potential for accidents, injuries in the construction realm

The personal injury realm is both vast and varied, with individuals and loved family members realizing adverse consequences from third-party negligence across a seemingly limitless universe of possibilities. Victims in New York and across the country routinely suffer harms-- frequently serious, often fatal -- linked to medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall incidents, defective products and many other catalysts.

Those centrally include construction accidents, which arguably comprise a sadly singular subset in the world of personal injury causes. Construction-related mishaps commonly yield catastrophic outcomes far more often than is the case when other factors are involved.

That’s not so surprising, is it? We note on our legal website that construction work “is inherently dangerous.” Workers are routinely around heavy and complex machines and equipment. They often work from heights or in tunnels and trenches. They are exposed to nature’s elements, often toiling in harsh and dangerous conditions. They work under exacting deadlines. They are often in close proximity to fire, water, chemicals and explosive materials.

The list goes on, but we believe the point is clear: The construction realm is marked with heightened risks and dangers for workers and third parties who find themselves in construction areas.

Construction injuries run a broad gamut of types and, as noted above, can be flatly catastrophic. A merely representative list includes severe head trauma, broken bones, burns/disfigurement, paralysis, toxic exposure and more.

It is important for injured parties and their families to act with resolve and dispatch in the wake of a construction injury. For starters, time limits can attach to a claim. Additionally, evidence must be collected and preserved, medical matters followed through on, the accountability of wrongdoers established and just compensation pursued.

A proven legal team of personal injury attorneys can help ensure that a valued client’s best interests will be unstintingly promoted and a maximum legal recovery diligently pursued.

That is a just outcome that fully addresses lost income, medical expenses, emotional pain and suffering, future therapy costs that might be necessary and all other relevant outlays.

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