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What birth injuries should you be aware of?

As a soon-to-be mother, having you or your baby suffer from a birth injury might be one of your worst fears. Some injuries are immediately apparent and some take longer to recognize. Some are temporary and some last a lifetime. Symptoms can vary. Some are mild and some are serious.

You want to protect your child in any way. But what if you do not know what birth injuries to even look out for? There are a variety of types of injuries you or your baby baby could suffer from. Here are a few that new mothers should know about.

Types of injuries

There are a few main types of injuries a baby could suffer at birth. These include:

  • Brain injuries – includes brain ischemia and brain hemorrhages
  • Muscle injuries – includes brachial plexus, erb’s palsy, shoulder dystocia
  • Injuries caused by infection – includes strep infections and meningitis
  • Injuries caused by delivery – includes broken bones, lacerations and skull fractures

However, these are just a few of the potential birth injuries that are common in babies and mothers.

How do they happen?

Some birth injuries are not preventable. Sometimes they happen completely by accident and sometimes it is a matter of chance.

However, some injuries can be caused by human error. Giving the wrong medication, mishandling, negligence and other malpractice can cause birth injuries. Failure to monitor maternal infections, use birthing tools correctly or identify/treat prolapsed umbilical cords are all preventable errors that can cause serious injury.

The severity, type and symptoms of injuries depend on each individual’s circumstances. These are just a few examples and situations. Having a reasonable amount of knowledge about the potential dangers can help you during this process.

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