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Importance of the spinal cord and why injury is so devastating

Spinal cord injuries are often the result of a serious injury. Sometimes tragedy hits because of a devastating car accident or a work-related injury. Either way, accident victims suffering with a spinal cord injury also face a very difficult road ahead.

The spinal cord provides the human body with its primary support structure as well as the distributor of vital information to and from the brain. Serious injury often leads to permanent damage and a lifetime of physical and mental adjustments.

Spinal cord functions

If a serious injury occurs, partial or complete dysfunction results. Here are the main functions the spinal cord is responsible for:

Brain/body communicator - The main functions of the spinal cord include communicating key information by sending/receiving brain signals. When the connection is interrupted by a serious injury, signal disruption hinders the functioning of the mind and body.

Proper body movement - The spinal cord is necessary for proper walking posture, bending and moving. Spinal cord injuries may cause paralysis of the muscles. Necessary muscle signals that create movement and posture may cease to fire, causing partial or complete lack of mobility.

Protective reflexes – Protective reflexes are necessary as part of the human condition to preserve itself from harm. Damage to the spinal cord may cause reflexes to stop, causing the body to become vulnerable to harm.

Whenever a serious spinal cord injury occurs, the brain and body function of a person is in danger. Survivors of near-death accidents are often left in critical condition. Injury victims and their families quickly become overburdened with medical bills and post-recovery expenses. Disputing negligence is important when seeking financial restitution and justice.

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