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NY couple receives wrong embryo in invitro mix-up

Many New York couples have trouble conceiving children. Not being able to conceive can be a disappointing and emotional situation for a couple. Luckily medical technology offers couples many options to conceive a baby. In vitro fertilization is one such option that couples have chosen for many years. Most of the time an invitro procedure goes well but a recent case in New York has resulted in a medical malpractice situation.

A New York couple is suing the fertility clinic they used with a claim that the clinic mixed up during their invitro procedure. The couple gave birth to twins this past March, but the children were not of Asian descent even though the parents are Asian. In early 2018 the clinic collected an egg and sperm from the couple and created five embryos, four of which were female. When the woman had a sonogram, they noticed that both of the twins were boys. The couple called the clinic to ask how that is possible since they only had one boy embryo and the clinic said that sonograms can be inaccurate. After the babies were born, DNA testing confirmed that they were not genetically connected to their parents nor were they related to each other. Because of this, the birth parents were forced to give the babies to their genetic parents. The birth parents are suing the fertility clinic with accusations of physical and emotional harm, medical malpractice, negligence and 14 other claims.

No matter how routine a procedure may seem, a medical mistake can happen at any time. These mistakes can be life-altering. If a family believes they have been harmed because of a medical mistake they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in medical malpractice. An attorney can review medical records and consult with medical experts to get answers for their client as to what happened.

Many families have faced heartbreaking situations because of medical malpractice. It is important to hold these medical providers accountable for their mistake so that they don't harm anyone else.

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