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Types of anesthesia malpractice

Most New City area residents will have to undergo a medical procedure involving anesthesia during their life. Anesthesia is necessary for many medical procedures, including surgeries. Although most of the time when a patient is under general anesthesia everything goes as expected, occasionally a patient can suffer a traumatic brain injury because of a medical mistake.

General anesthesia can lead to a medical mistake which can greatly harm the patient. One situation is where there is a failure to monitor blood flow to the brain while the patient is under general anesthesia. If the blood flow to the brain is interrupted, the patient can have a stroke or a brain injury. Another situation is if a patient aspirates during the surgery. The patient may vomit, and the contents could go into the respiratory system which can lead to a low level of oxygen. A patient may also have drug allergies that a doctor misses which can lead to an adverse reaction. A breathing tube is used to assist a patient with breathing during surgery and if the tube is placed incorrectly it can cause a brain injury or other damage. And once the surgery is over, the patient needs continuous monitoring. If the patient isn't monitored thoroughly, they can suffer from a brain injury or other unexpected injury.

Despite anesthesia being a necessary procedure, it does come with risks. Some of these risks are due to a negligent physician. If a family believes their loved one suffered a brain injury as the result of an anesthesia mistake, they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in medical malpractice. An attorney can review medical records and consult with medical experts to help determine what happened. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

No one expects their loved one will be the victim of medical negligence. Unfortunately, these situations occur every year, affecting hundreds of families. These families have the legal right to hold the medical professional responsible for their mistake.

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