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September 2019 Archives

Concussions in youth football-a serious matter in New York

Many parents of New City area kids know how sports play a major role in their kids' lives. Many children are in multiple sports and parents spend a lot of time shuttling their kids around town. Some sports may be more dangerous than others and football is one sport where parents should understand the risks involved, including head and brain injuries.

New York poised to remove contractor's license after death

Many in our area work in the construction industry. Construction jobs are varied, and many pay well and have good benefits, which can help a worker support their family. Most of the time, these jobs are safe and employers understand the importance of worker safety. But, sometimes, contractors take short cuts and do not have their job sites as safe as they can be.

Stop nursing home neglect before it starts at your facility

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website, more than 1.3 million Americans occupy more than 15,000 nursing homes throughout the nation. As the baby boomer generation ages, these numbers will skyrocket. Their families will want them to receive the best care, and--unlike previous generations--their families will be much more fluent in researching what is and is not acceptable.

A delay in diagnosis of breast cancer can be serious

No one ever expects their doctor is going to tell them they have breast cancer. A cancer diagnosis strikes fear in a New City patient with all the uncertainties that surround it. But, there have been many advances in cancer treatment in recent years and those who are diagnosed early have a better chance of survival. Though, when a breast cancer diagnosis is delayed, it can negatively affect a patient.

Worker killed, 5 injured in construction accident

Many in the New City area work in the construction industry. The construction industry offers a wide variety of jobs with many offering good pay. These allow workers to provide for their family and have a comfortable life. But these jobs can also be dangerous if safety measures are not followed. A construction accident can seriously affect both a worker and their family.

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