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A delay in diagnosis of breast cancer can be serious

No one ever expects their doctor is going to tell them they have breast cancer. A cancer diagnosis strikes fear in a New City patient with all the uncertainties that surround it. But, there have been many advances in cancer treatment in recent years and those who are diagnosed early have a better chance of survival. Though, when a breast cancer diagnosis is delayed, it can negatively affect a patient.

A delay in cancer diagnosis can affect a patient's prognosis. There are many ways in which the signs of breast cancer can be negligently missed by a medical provider. The errors can come from the patient's physician, radiologist, pathologist or a breakdown in communication between the various medical providers.

A doctor may miss an obvious lump during an examination, they may say a tumor is an infection, a mammogram can be misread, there can be a failure to order important tests to confirm an illness, they can fail to conduct a test if the patient has a family history of breast cancer or they can mistake a tumor as benign. These and many other negligent errors can and have occurred to thousands of patients in New York and across the country.

Any delay in the treatment of breast cancer can lead to less than ideal outcomes. Having a cancer diagnosis is something that no family ever wants to go through. But many people will receive that diagnosis each year. When a medical professional fails to make a timely cancer diagnosis it can greatly affect their patient and may result in less than ideal results.

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