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New York woman left with injuries following routine biopsy

Many New City area residents will have to undergo a biopsy during their lifetime. A biopsy is a routine procedure to check a small area for cancer. These are important procedures to check an abnormal growth, mass, etc. and to offer patients an answer as to whether they have cancer or not. Most of the time these procedures go as planned, but for one New York woman, the procedure left her with unexpected consequences.

A Bronx woman went to the doctor after her voice grew increasingly hoarse. She was referred to a doctor who specialized in voice disorders who told her she had a growth on her throat tissue. She was scheduled for a biopsy to further investigate the growth. She woke up after the procedure in a hospital hallway with blood coming out of her mouth. Doctors told her that the procedure did not happen because some of her teeth had fallen out.

After days of pain, the woman went to see another dentist who confirmed that five of her teeth had been knocked out and their roots were fractured. The hospital's dental surgeon had glued and wired the teeth back in place in a "primitive" fashion.

It took the new dentist a long time to untangle the mess in her mouth. She was then referred to another dentist to have her teeth repaired, but that dentist offered more alarming news -- during the procedure the patient's jaw was also broken. The woman has still not had a biopsy done and is planning to appeal her lawsuit.

An unexpected medical trauma can deeply affect a person. The trauma can be both emotionally and financially devastating for a patient and their family. If a person believes they suffered unnecessarily during a medical procedure they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in medical malpractice.

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