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December 2019 Archives

Who are most likely to have suffered a traumatic brain injury?

There are few injuries that are more severe than head trauma. Whether it occurs in an automobile accident, work incident, or a slip-and-fall at another's property, the aftermath of an injury to the head can be overwhelming. In some cases, this injury can completely alter the life of the injured, as trauma to the brain can impact a person's cognitive abilities and even his or her ability to work or care for him or herself. A brain injury can also cause financial ruin while the victim is already consumed by the pain and suffering resulting from the injury.

Protecting your rights following a construction site accident

The construction industry is one that encompasses many risks. While this line of work is considered inherently dangerous in New York and elsewhere, some of these dangers stem from negligence in the workplace. When an employer fails to provide proper training or safety equipment, an employee is reckless, or a third-party fails to exercise proper care, a construction worker could suffer serious injuries or even death as a result of a construction accident.

Four commonly suffered birth injuries

When expecting mothers in New York prepare a birth plan, there is always a concern that things may not go as planned. A baby may come much sooner than expected, the delivery may occur so fast that no pain medication can be administered, or complications may arise necessitating an emergency a C-section. Oftentimes these complications are simply unavoidable, and they occur through no fault of any individual. In some instances, though, medical professionals act negligently or make mistake during the processes, leading to a birth injury suffered by the baby, mother or both.

Prepare for winter when you're paralyzed

Living with paralysis means having to make some adjustments to how you handle daily tasks. One aspect of life that you might not have thought much about before now was how to make sure that you were safe during the winter. For many people who have a spinal cord injury, regulating body temperature is a problem. This means they need to take extra steps to ensure that they avoid hyperthermia in the New York winter that's coming up quickly.

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