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Prepare for winter when you're paralyzed

Living with paralysis means having to make some adjustments to how you handle daily tasks. One aspect of life that you might not have thought much about before now was how to make sure that you were safe during the winter. For many people who have a spinal cord injury, regulating body temperature is a problem. This means they need to take extra steps to ensure that they avoid hyperthermia in the New York winter that's coming up quickly.

There are a few different things that you have to think about when you are trying to plan for the winter and are paralyzed. Making sure that you have what you need now and that you plan for leaving home as the temperatures drop can help to keep you warmer.

Choose the correct clothing

You need to layer your clothing to provide more of a barrier between you and the cold air. Wearing loose layers is a good idea because the air that's between the fabric will insulate you. Another plus to layers is that you can remove some if you get too warm and start to perspire.

Try to stick to clothing that will wick away moisture. Cotton, for example, isn't a good idea because it will remain wet once it gets wet. Instead, choose man-made fibers or wool. A good property of wool is that it will continue to keep you warm even after it gets wet.

You also need to find quality outwear that insulates and protects you from moisture. Check the outerwear before the start of the season to ensure it is still in good shape.

Protect your limbs and digits

You need to ensure that your hands and feet are protected from the cold. Wear insulated socks and gloves to help keep warm. In frigid temperatures, it might behoove you to have heat packs or warmers to add even more protection. You can also layer these items to help enhance the effect.

When you are outside, pay attention to how your limbs and digits feel. If you have frostbite, the area will feel cold and numb. It will usually turn a gray-yellow or white color. These are signs that you need to move to a warmer area to minimize the effects.

You also need to get your wheelchair ready for the season. All of these preparations can become costly. With these costs, medical expenses and others, you might be put in a financial bind. Seeking compensation for the accident might be beneficial to you.

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