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Who are most likely to have suffered a traumatic brain injury?

There are few injuries that are more severe than head trauma. Whether it occurs in an automobile accident, work incident, or a slip-and-fall at another's property, the aftermath of an injury to the head can be overwhelming. In some cases, this injury can completely alter the life of the injured, as trauma to the brain can impact a person's cognitive abilities and even his or her ability to work or care for him or herself. A brain injury can also cause financial ruin while the victim is already consumed by the pain and suffering resulting from the injury.

Based on a current study, 53% of homeless individuals have suffered a traumatic brain injury at least once in their life. These injuries have potentially severe consequences when it comes to a person's physical and mental health. This means that the homeless population is two to four times more likely to suffer a head trauma when compared to those that are not homeless.

Researchers have highlighted that certain areas need further exploration to fully understand why this at-risk population is more likely to experience a traumatic brain injury. They seek to understand whether homelessness is a consequence of such an injury or whether being homeless causes a greater risk for this injury. Nonetheless, when an individual suffers an injury to the brain, it is important that they not only seek medical care but also understand what legal recourses might be available to them.

A brain injury can cause much more than physical pain. An injury to the head can significantly impact a victim's life, even making it impossible to return to his or her normal life. Such an injury requires much medical care, even lasting for the rest of his or her life. This can get costly, as medical treatment and rehabilitation is not cheap. Additionally, when a brain injury is severe, a victim is likely to be unable to work. This financial situation often causes many challenges, making it imperative that a victim understands their legal recourses following a head injury in an accident caused by the negligence of another party.

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