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January 2020 Archives

The impact of a concussion can linger for a long time

A blow to the head has the potential to cause a variety of injuries, with a concussion among the most common. For example, if you hit your head off the windshield in a motor vehicle accident, it's critical to receive immediate medical attention, as your doctor can run the tests necessary to determine the extent of your injuries.

Fatal brain injury results from landlord/tenant dispute

Any injury to the brain is a serious matter. A brain injury can result in impaired function that may continue for the rest of the person's life. In some cases, it can even lead to death. The recent death of a New York City landlord who was hurt during a disagreement with his tenant shows just how serious brain injuries can be. 

Construction worker settles brain injury claim for $3 million

The recent settlement of a case arising out of a fall into an elevator shaft shows how the amount of the settlement is related to the respective liabilities of the defendants. While the construction accident in question happened in New Jersey, the conditions that caused the accident can be found on almost any construction site in New York and other nearby states.

Navigating a legal action following a spinal cord injury

While there are some accidents that victims can walk away from, there are unfortunately some incidents that could make it impossible for a victim to walk away from unscathed. For some accidents victims in New York, a spinal cord injury could result in lifelong effects, even disabling the individual. Such an injury is shocking and challenging to cope with; however, seeking legal recourses and holding the party at fault liable for these losses could be beneficial for an injured individual.

Fighting for your rights and a construction accident

When residents in New York and elsewhere see a construction site, they often think about the new building, home, structure or roadway being constructed. While construction projects frequently result in positive and well desired constructions, the reality is that those working at these sites face many risks in order to complete such a project. These risks could cause workers to suffer serious and even fatal injuries.

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