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Navigating a legal action following a spinal cord injury

While there are some accidents that victims can walk away from, there are unfortunately some incidents that could make it impossible for a victim to walk away from unscathed. For some accidents victims in New York, a spinal cord injury could result in lifelong effects, even disabling the individual. Such an injury is shocking and challenging to cope with; however, seeking legal recourses and holding the party at fault liable for these losses could be beneficial for an injured individual.

At Birbrower & Beldock, P.C., our attorneys are dedicated to serving our clients in the area, helping them understand what steps they could take following an accident that has left them with a spinal cord injury. Such an injury requires much time to medically treat, and even when a victim has undergone much medical care, one may never fully recover from such an injury.

Because the effect of a spinal cord injury can be significant, our law firm takes the time to fully explore the cause of the incident that resulted in this catastrophic injury. When the negligence of another party was the cause, liability could be place don them. Our attorneys take the time to explain this legal process, helping our clients protect their rights and become whole again through a personal injury action.

Furthermore, our law firm is aware of the effect such an injury can have on one's personal and professional life. Thus, we take the time to fully assess this effect by calculating the damages suffered. This goes beyond just the medical bills and lost wages initially caused by the accident. We take the time to consider future medical care and the effect the injury has on one's quality of life and even his or her ability to work.

To learn more, check out our law firm's spinal cord injuries website. Suffering a serious injury, such as a spinal cord injury could mean lifelong medical care and treatment. Our law firm understands the challenges this could present, which is why we dedicate our time and efforts to helping our clients navigate these matters, seeking legal recourses when possible.

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