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Would helmets for New York City drivers stop head injuries?

People who suffer injuries to their head or brain often face life-changing circumstances. They may see impairments to both their physical and cognitive abilities. The care they need could extend over the rest of their life, and a full recovery may never be possible. This is why many advocates here in New York and elsewhere are pushing for safety measures that many people have never really considered in the past but that may prevent head injuries.

Recently, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he would look into research on whether drivers wearing helmets would discourage people from driving. He says that roads in New York City are far too crowded and is willing to consider congestion pricing as well as other options to solve the problem. Advocates say that the helmets would, more importantly, prevent serious head injuries for people in car accidents. They note that head trauma is the most common reason that drivers die in a crash. 

Some experts say that mandates for wearing helmets while cycling actually discourage people from riding bikes, so it stands to reason that helmet laws for motorists may do the same. They also say that driving is one of the most risky daily activities in modern society. Wearing a helmet may be unconventional, but they argue that it makes sense. Governor Cuomo said he would need to see the data before supporting such a change.

Those who suffer head injuries or other physical trauma after a car accident because of someone else's carelessness don't have to suffer in silence. An attorney who has extensive experience in handling personal injury claims can be an advocate for victims. It may be the best way to ensure that a victim gets the financial resources for needed care.

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