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March 2020 Archives

How to prevent common head and brain injuries

No one here in New York ever expects to suffer a head injury, but those who do often see their lives change in an instant. Even a "mild" brain injury, like a concussion, can impact a person's life, in both cognitive and physical ways. There are ways to prevent concussions, and the good news is that utilizing these strategies may even help prevent more serious head and brain injuries as well. 

March is Brain Injury Awareness month

People with brain injuries know all too well how life-changing they can be. Depending on the precise injury, a person could experience both cognitive and physical ability impairment. March is Brain Injury Awareness Month in New York and across the nation and advocates want people to know the facts about brain injuries and just how they can impact people's lives.

Construction accidents: Man dies after fall from roof

This nation owes a great deal of thanks to construction workers. Not only are they responsible for creating buildings, but their jobs can often be dangerous, with a high risk of injury or even fatality. When an employer or another party fails to enact needed safety precautions, workers can get seriously hurt in construction accidents. One recent accident here in New York resulted in one worker's death after he suffered a horrific fall. 

New seat belt law could prevent spinal cord injuries

Certain injuries can result in life-long trauma. The people who suffer them may require extensive care that they may have to rely on someone else to provide. Spinal cord injuries can be particularly devastating as they can impede a person's mobility; however, there are certain safety measures that can help prevent them. New York lawmakers recently passed legislation that would mandate seat belt use in cases where it previously wasn't required. If the Governor signs it, it will become law, and supporters hope it could save lives and reduce serious injury.

Understand the long-term impacts of spinal cord injuries

People who suffer a spinal cord injury are likely going to deal with a host of issues throughout their life. These problems can lead to many effects that will impact various aspects of their life for the long term. Trying to determine how the injury will affect you can be challenging, especially in the early days after the accident.

Construction accidents: Worker killed, another injured

People who work in the construction industry provide a great service. They also place themselves at significant risk of injury or even death every time they set food on a job site. Construction accidents can have dire consequences for victims and their families as everyone tries to work through what happened. Unfortunately, that answer isn't always so clear and there could be multiple factors involved. This is what New York authorities are trying to determine after an accident on a construction site resulted in serious injury to one worker and another worker's death.

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