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How to prevent common head and brain injuries

No one here in New York ever expects to suffer a head injury, but those who do often see their lives change in an instant. Even a "mild" brain injury, like a concussion, can impact a person's life, in both cognitive and physical ways. There are ways to prevent concussions, and the good news is that utilizing these strategies may even help prevent more serious head and brain injuries as well. 

One of the simplest methods for preventing a head injury of any kind is by using proper safety equipment. For example, people should wear helmets when they are doing any kind of activity that carries a raised risk of head injury, such as riding a bike, using a motorcycle or playing a contact sport. Also, those riding in a motor vehicles need to wear their seat belt at all times. Using both of these strategies can either prevent head injuries altogether or at least reduce the severity when they occur.

Another way to prevent brain injuries is by ensuring that people reduce the number of risks that they take. This means avoiding excessive speeding, undertaking a difficult sport without proper training and the like. One other way to reduce risk is by making certain that coaches, trainers and other athletic professionals know exactly how to recognize a concussion when it happens. This way, an injured person will be treated more quickly, hopefully reducing the severity of the injury.

Unfortunately, even with all of these precautions, it is impossible to completely prevent head and brain injuries. Those here in New York who suffer a brain injury due to someone else's negligence may want to consider filing a civil claim against the party thought to be responsible. An experienced personal injury attorney can explain the available options and serve as an advocate for the injured person and his or her loved ones.

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