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Understand the long-term impacts of spinal cord injuries

People who suffer a spinal cord injury are likely going to deal with a host of issues throughout their life. These problems can lead to many effects that will impact various aspects of their life for the long term. Trying to determine how the injury will affect you can be challenging, especially in the early days after the accident.

There are many different factors that can determine how the injury might change your future. Just remember that having a good attitude about the changes may help to make them more manageable.

Type of injury impacts the effects

The more severe the injury, the more likely the effects are going to be serious. Around 46% of all spinal cord injuries involve incomplete tetraplegia, which means that all four limbs are affected by the injury to some extent. This doesn't necessarily mean the person is paralyzed but it does mean that some function loss is present.

Around 21% of cases involve incomplete paraplegia, which means that the person has some function loss in two limbs. Around 20% involves complete paraplegia, so they have two limbs that are fully paralyzed. The final 13% have complete tetraplegia, which involves full paralysis of all four limbs.

Costs of spinal cord injuries

In the immediate aftermath the spinal cord injury, including the initial treatment and recovery phase, patients average more than $142,000 in medical bills. Because of the ongoing need for care, the patients will experience an increase in medical care costs over what they would have paid without the injury.

The medical care costs are only one part of the financial blow these victims will experience. They also have to think about the loss of income if they can't return to work because of the injury, as well as the personal care assistance they may need. Having to retrofit a home and find specialized transportation can add up quickly. Assistive devices, including an appropriate wheelchair, will also cost money.

The cost of a spinal cord injury is considerable. People who are dealing with this injury because of the negligence of another person should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. This civil claim seeks to shift the financial liability of the accident onto the entities that caused the injury. You can ask for damages like the wages you're unable to earn, the cost of medical care and other expenses that are related to the injury.

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