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April 2020 Archives

Construction accidents: Trench collapse seriously injures worker

Most workers don't face any kind of significant risk while on the job. However, certain industries are more prone to danger than others, including the construction industry. Construction accidents are all too common and can happen when a company fails to properly protect workers. One recent accident on a construction site here in New York left multiple workers injured, one seriously, and authorities are now trying to determine whether their employer is to blame.

Construction accidents: Crane injures 2 workers

Construction workers here in New York and across the country do important work that is often dangerous. One recent accident on a construction site that left two workers with serious injuries shows just how dangerous it can be. It is imperative that workers understand the risks of construction accidents and their rights should one happen to them.

Safer streets will mean fewer head and brain injuries

There are many ways that a pedestrian can be hurt in a traffic accident here in New York. One common way is when a driver making a left turn cuts diagonally across the intersection, often at increased speeds, which makes it harder to stop quickly for a crossing pedestrian. Experts say that there are simple ways to prevent these types of collisions that often result in serious head and brain injuries. One of the most effective, according to a recent study, is by upgrading the infrastructure at intersections to encourage drivers to slow down. Experts say that adding rubber curbs and bollards to keep drivers from making diagonal, quick turns will save lives.

Technology offers hope for those with spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury can change a person's life forever. It is the type of injury that can inhibit movement, affecting a person's ability to work as well as complete basic activities of daily living. Fortunately, recent technological advancements have given many of those with spinal cord injuries the ability to walk again. Families here in New York may find it fascinating that wearable robots are giving people back their mobility and freedom.

Protocol exists to reduce certain surgical errors

Patients who go in for a surgery expect that the surgeon knows what type of surgery they are doing and that they will operate on the appropriate body part. When there are issues with the surgery, there is a chance that the patient will suffer grave harm. Wrong site, wrong surgery and wrong patient are three primary errors that can occur in a surgical setting.

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