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Causes of truck crashes vary greatly

Semitruck crashes can lead to catastrophic injuries for the occupants of the smaller vehicles into which they slam. The victims of those incidents can choose to seek compensation for the exorbitant damages that they might cause. When this occurs, you have to be able to show what happened so that you can prove the defendants in the case were liable.

One thing to remember is that while some semitruck wrecks are the fault of the trucker, there are causes that might be attributed to other factors. Determining the cause of the wreck can help your case significantly, so you must consider all possibilities.

Driver errors

Truckers who make errors when they drive may be the root cause of an accident. This can come from fatigue, distractions, aggressive driving and similar behaviors. There are many laws in place that help to prevent these driving liabilities. The Hours of Service regulations aim to combat trucker fatigue, and the laws against handheld cellphone usage help to stop distracted driving. Truckers should obey the speed limits and road rules at all times.

Driving conditions

The driving conditions on the roads can lead to significant challenges for truckers. This is especially true when the weather isn't the best. The time that it takes to get these big rigs moving and the distance it takes to stop them increases greatly when the roads are slick. They also have to contend with the challenges of driving in a traffic jam, as well as becoming rather bored (reverting to less mindful "autopilot" mode) when they drive on roads that are familiar to them.

Other drivers

Other drivers are a big hazard because they will often cut the trucker off by stopping suddenly in front of the truck. This leaves the trucker in a precarious position of trying to determine what type of action they should take. They may have to slam into the vehicle in front of them if they aren't able to switch lanes to avoid running over the vehicle.

Truck maintenance and equipment

Semitrucks require frequent maintenance, as well as components that are working properly. When anything is lax in these areas, including the workmanship, crashes can occur. It's imperative that every trucker and the companies they work for ensure that everything is functioning optimally and that the vehicle is in good condition.

If you're injured in a semitruck wreck, be sure you get the medical care you need. You can also pursue a claim for compensation so that you aren't left with the financial burden of the crash.

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