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Brain injury may increase risk of dementia

Certain kinds of injuries can have significant consequences for those who suffer from them. Traumatic brain injuries can be particularly devastating, as the effects can last for a person's entire life. A recent study looked at this as it attempted to determine whether military veterans have a higher incidence of dementia than civilians. Though it found no increased risk between the two groups in general, it discovered an increased risk of dementia if the veteran had suffered a traumatic brain injury. This may be valuable information for anyone here in New York who has a loved one with such an injury.

The researchers looked at data on brain injuries in veterans from the time records were kept until 2018. Though they found that civilians and veterans have a similar instance of dementia, they found that dementia levels are higher for those who have experienced a traumatic brain injury. This seems to corroborate evidence from a different study that found concussions may significantly increase a person's dementia risk.

The study coordinators admit that their evidence isn't definitive, as they admit that no studies have been done to look at dementia and a person's history of combat deployment. The study authors hope that their research will help with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of traumatic brain injury and dementia. They say that more research is needed regarding exactly how the injury happens and when the person begins to have dementia symptoms.

No matter how someone receives a traumatic brain injury, it is imperative that they receive proper treatment. However, this can be costly as lifelong care may be required. Those who have suffered brain injuries due to someone else's negligence may want to reach out to an attorney here in New York. A personal injury lawsuit may be the best way to hold responsible parties accountable and ensure that a patient has financial access to necessary care.

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