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Choosing a spinal cord injury rehabilitation center

People who suffer a spinal cord injury will often need long-term rehabilitation. While some might be able to do this in the comfort of their own home or via outpatient means, others will need a more intensive program. This is when they might have to start looking into inpatient spinal cord injury rehabilitation centers.

Some people think that they should consider how close a facility is to their home when they're trying to decide where to receive care. It is certainly nice to be closer to your support system but you have to consider the way that the program works and how much it will be able to help you.

Familiarity with your type of injury

Not all spinal cord injuries are the same, so you need to look for a rehabilitation facility that can care for your type of injury. This is especially important if your injury is complex because there might be special considerations that aren't present in more minor, simple cases. A facility that's familiar with your type of case may be able to provide you with better support and more targeted therapy that could help you to have a better outcome than a place that only knows basic techniques for dealing with these injuries.

Facility atmosphere

If you're going to be inpatient at a rehabilitation facility, you need to be sure that you're comfortable in the times when you aren't in therapy. Find out the average age of patients, as well as the age range so you can determine whether you'd fit in or not. Many facilities have programs to help the patients stay active when they aren't in therapy. This might involve arts and crafts in your room or game nights in a communal area. Find out what's available and what you'd likely be able to participate in.

Safety and security

Make sure that your needs can be met at the facility. You might need help with basic tasks, such as using the restroom. Find out if there is a suitable staff-to-patient ratio for this to occur. Sometimes, different units or areas of the facility will have different staffing ratios, so be sure to ask about the one you'll be in. Having ample staff is also a security matter because these individuals should help to keep the residents safe if anything amiss, such as a fire, should occur.

Rehabilitation facilities can be costly for the patients. Individuals who were injured in an accident that was the result of someone else's negligence may choose to seek compensation for the financial impacts.

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