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July 2020 Archives

What types of hazards do railroad workers face?

Railroad workers often have to deal with harsh conditions. Keeping them safe must be a top priority for all employers in the railway industry. While some individuals might think of this as a relatively safe job, it is possible for workers to die or suffer catastrophic injuries when things go awry on the job.

Spinal cord injuries could be catastrophic

Some of the injuries caused by auto accidents, sports accidents, assaults or gunshots could leave the victims with permanent disabilities. Spinal cord injuries are one example that has left many New York accident victims with different levels of paralysis. The spinal cord contains the nerves that form the connection between the entire body and the brain. When those nerves are damaged, messages between the brain and the body are compromised.

Construction accidents: Machine malfunction kills 1, injures 3

New York workers trust that their companies care about their well-being, and that is true in a majority of cases. However, employees can still be hurt while on the job. The construction industry often carries significant risk to workers simply due to the nature of the job. Construction accidents can have severe outcomes, such as the recent case where one worker died and three others were injured due to a window-washing machine malfunction.

Construction accidents: High winds cause man to fall 40 feet

The construction industry is vital to communities across the nation, both in the jobs it provides and the resulting work that benefits the community. However, this industry is not without risk, and construction accidents happen far too often. One recent accident here in New York resulted in injuries for several workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will now attempt to determine if proper safety protocols were in use or if the construction company should face punishment.

Pedestrian dies of head injury after hit and run

Though many people survive serious injuries to the head and brain, there are countless more who do not. The families of victims are often left to pick up the pieces after such a devastating loss, and they may struggle to come to terms with what happened to their loved one. This is particularly true in situations where a person suffered a head injury due to someone else's negligence, as in -- for example -- a car accident. A New York pedestrian recently suffered a fatal head injury that police say was due to a hit-and-run driver, a loss that didn't have to occur.

Brain injury treatments can become costly

A traumatic brain injury can alter a person's future considerably, especially if it is severe. For these individuals, the medical interventions they're likely to need can be difficult to go through. The location, type and severity of the injury determines what has to be done.

High winds can cause serious construction accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the New York State Police are investigating an incident that occurred on a recent Wednesday at a construction site in Jefferson County. According to a preliminary police report, high winds might have played a role in the incident. Many construction accidents occur when workers at heights are exposed to very windy conditions.

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