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Spinal cord injuries could be catastrophic

Some of the injuries caused by auto accidents, sports accidents, assaults or gunshots could leave the victims with permanent disabilities. Spinal cord injuries are one example that has left many New York accident victims with different levels of paralysis. The spinal cord contains the nerves that form the connection between the entire body and the brain. When those nerves are damaged, messages between the brain and the body are compromised.

Spinal cord injuries are complete or incomplete, depending on the severity of the damage. Incomplete SCI leaves the affected areas of the body with some feeling and function, while complete SCI causes total paralysis to the affected body parts. Loss of function and sensation occurs in the area below the point of injury. SCI damage in the neck area could affect all four limbs, the trunk and chest area. Similarly, injuries to the spinal cord in the lower or mid-back areas usually affect fewer regions.

Paralysis is defined by the level of movement and sensation loss. Quadriplegia affects both legs and both arms, typically after SCI in the neck area. Paraplegia is sensation and movement loss in both legs, and triplegia affects both legs and one arm. Quadriparesis and parapares involve partial function loss in four or two limbs. Paralysis could cause muscle spasms, respiratory problems, blood pressure and heart rate changes, digestive problems and loss of bladder and bowel function.

Along with all the medical bills for treatment and therapy for extended periods, victims of spinal cord injuries are typically unable to return to work. If another person's negligence caused the injuries, the SCI victim can pursue financial relief through the New York civil justice system. With the advocacy of an experienced personal injury attorney, the chances of recovering all documented monetary and other damages.

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