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Labor intensive work causes many Construction accidents

Concrete work is one of the most labor intensive jobs on construction sites in New York. It is also a field in which the fast pace could lead to construction accidents. It's crucial that work on any such project must not start before a hazard assessment is done and mitigated.

Struck-by injuries could involve hammers or other trade tools, or the boom and chute of the concrete pump truck. The caustic and abrasive nature of concrete can cause skin irritations, which can be prevented by wearing clothing and boots to avoid skin contact and washing off any concrete from the skin. Concrete workers face slip, trip and fall hazards caused by uneven ground, form work, rebar and randomly placed tools.

Concrete work involves manual handling that could cause musculoskeletal injuries and overexertion. Practicing safe lifting techniques and working together when lifting awkward or heavy objects is advised. Shoveling puts excessive strain on the body, and the repetitive nature of the job could lead to long-term back problems. Overloading the shovel and twisting the back while lifting it is a sure way to cause back injuries.

All workers on a construction site are at risk of suffering work-related injuries. Concrete workers must avoid complacency, which is a factor in many construction accidents. However, they might find comfort in knowing that the New York workers' compensation program will cover medical expenses and lost wages if they suffer on-the-job injuries. The benefits claims process could be complicated, and seeking an experienced workers' compensation attorney's guidance and support might be the best way to ensure obtaining maximum applicable compensation.

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