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Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis

Drivers in New York will always be at risk of suffering traumatic injuries in car accidents. Some of the worst outcomes of crashes involve spinal cord injuries that leave victims paralyzed. The location and extent of the injury determines the damage to the victim's mobility. Paralysis only results from injuries that sever or compress the spinal cord, which is protected by the spinal column.

Spinal cord damage in the neck area typically causes quadriplegia, while injuries lower down could cause paraplegia. A loss of sensation and mobility occurs below the area that was damaged. The injuries could be complete or incomplete, depending on the severity of damage to the spinal cord. Incomplete injuries could leave victims with some level of movement or feeling, while complete injuries cause total paralysis below the injury site.

Complete spinal cord injuries could also cause problems related to control of bowel movements and urination. People with spinal cord damage in the neck area might even need devices for breathing assistance. Furthermore, victims who are left paralyzed might require modifications to their home and work environments to accommodate wheelchairs and other medical aids.

Medical treatment, therapy, rehabilitation and lost wages can quickly become overwhelming for victims of spinal cord injuries in New York. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to help. Legal counsel can assist with documenting negligence by another party as well as the financial consequences for the client. A successfully presented civil claim could result in a monetary judgment to cover financial losses and emotional damages.

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