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Construction accidents: Man dies after fall from roof

This nation owes a great deal of thanks to construction workers. Not only are they responsible for creating buildings, but their jobs can often be dangerous, with a high risk of injury or even fatality. When an employer or another party fails to enact needed safety precautions, workers can get seriously hurt in construction accidents. One recent accident here in New York resulted in one worker's death after he suffered a horrific fall. 

Construction accidents: Worker killed, another injured

People who work in the construction industry provide a great service. They also place themselves at significant risk of injury or even death every time they set food on a job site. Construction accidents can have dire consequences for victims and their families as everyone tries to work through what happened. Unfortunately, that answer isn't always so clear and there could be multiple factors involved. This is what New York authorities are trying to determine after an accident on a construction site resulted in serious injury to one worker and another worker's death.

Construction worker settles brain injury claim for $3 million

The recent settlement of a case arising out of a fall into an elevator shaft shows how the amount of the settlement is related to the respective liabilities of the defendants. While the construction accident in question happened in New Jersey, the conditions that caused the accident can be found on almost any construction site in New York and other nearby states.

Fighting for your rights and a construction accident

When residents in New York and elsewhere see a construction site, they often think about the new building, home, structure or roadway being constructed. While construction projects frequently result in positive and well desired constructions, the reality is that those working at these sites face many risks in order to complete such a project. These risks could cause workers to suffer serious and even fatal injuries.

Protecting your rights following a construction site accident

The construction industry is one that encompasses many risks. While this line of work is considered inherently dangerous in New York and elsewhere, some of these dangers stem from negligence in the workplace. When an employer fails to provide proper training or safety equipment, an employee is reckless, or a third-party fails to exercise proper care, a construction worker could suffer serious injuries or even death as a result of a construction accident.

What are common construction injuries?

In New York and other states across the nation, major and minor construction projects take place year-round. Whether it is a home project or constructing a high-rise building, construction workers are face with a wide range of dangers on a daily basis. This could be related to the tools that they use or the fact that many project require workers to work at heights. And, when risks and dangers are not carefully assessed and protected against, construction workers could suffer injuries in accidents that could have been avoided if proper safety precautions had been taken.

Man killed in Tully construction site accident

Construction workers are in one of the most dangerous occupations. There are many ways in which a New City construction worker can be injured on the job, which is why putting safety measures in place is so important. A recent tragic accident in Onondage County illustrates the importance of taking this action.

New York poised to remove contractor's license after death

Many in our area work in the construction industry. Construction jobs are varied, and many pay well and have good benefits, which can help a worker support their family. Most of the time, these jobs are safe and employers understand the importance of worker safety. But, sometimes, contractors take short cuts and do not have their job sites as safe as they can be.

Worker killed, 5 injured in construction accident

Many in the New City area work in the construction industry. The construction industry offers a wide variety of jobs with many offering good pay. These allow workers to provide for their family and have a comfortable life. But these jobs can also be dangerous if safety measures are not followed. A construction accident can seriously affect both a worker and their family.

Utility workers electrocuted in New York accident

There are many New City area residents who are utility employees. These are good paying jobs that can support a family. Most of the time utility workers are safe on the job, but occasionally a serious accident occurs. These accidents can occur at any time and can affect a family for many years.

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