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Labor intensive work causes many Construction accidents

Concrete work is one of the most labor intensive jobs on construction sites in New York. It is also a field in which the fast pace could lead to construction accidents. It's crucial that work on any such project must not start before a hazard assessment is done and mitigated.

Noncompliance with safety rules cause many construction accidents

The New York City Department of Buildings is investigating an incident that caused severe injuries to a worker. The New York City Fire Department responded to a construction site on the Upper East Side at approximately 8 a.m. on a recent Monday. A spokesperson for the DOB confirmed the incident is under investigation. Although the DOB and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribe strict safety standards, construction accidents continue to occur with alarming frequency.

Construction accidents: Machine malfunction kills 1, injures 3

New York workers trust that their companies care about their well-being, and that is true in a majority of cases. However, employees can still be hurt while on the job. The construction industry often carries significant risk to workers simply due to the nature of the job. Construction accidents can have severe outcomes, such as the recent case where one worker died and three others were injured due to a window-washing machine malfunction.

Construction accidents: High winds cause man to fall 40 feet

The construction industry is vital to communities across the nation, both in the jobs it provides and the resulting work that benefits the community. However, this industry is not without risk, and construction accidents happen far too often. One recent accident here in New York resulted in injuries for several workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will now attempt to determine if proper safety protocols were in use or if the construction company should face punishment.

High winds can cause serious construction accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the New York State Police are investigating an incident that occurred on a recent Wednesday at a construction site in Jefferson County. According to a preliminary police report, high winds might have played a role in the incident. Many construction accidents occur when workers at heights are exposed to very windy conditions.

Construction accident at high school results in worker's death

Certain job industries in New York carry more risk to employees than others, and nowhere is that more evident than in the construction industry. Construction workers do an important and necessary job, and despite this increased risk, there are many ways to protect them. There are times when an employee's company may be to blame for unsafe work conditions, or it could be the responsibility of a third party, such as a property owner. Either way, if a construction accident happens, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will typically investigate to determine exactly what went on and whether any safety guidelines were violated. OSHA will have to do just that for a recent accident at a school that took the life of a construction worker.

Construction accidents: Worker injured falling into pit

When workers are seriously injured while on the job, it can devastate the lives of both them and those who care for them. The construction industry is particularly susceptible to cases of injured workers, since these jobs can carry a certain amount of risk. If a worker is injured while on the job, it may be reason to file for workers' compensation, since injuries resulting from construction accidents can drastically affect quality of life. One New York worker may need to use this benefit after he suffered a head injury after falling into a pit at a construction site.

Construction accidents: Trench collapse seriously injures worker

Most workers don't face any kind of significant risk while on the job. However, certain industries are more prone to danger than others, including the construction industry. Construction accidents are all too common and can happen when a company fails to properly protect workers. One recent accident on a construction site here in New York left multiple workers injured, one seriously, and authorities are now trying to determine whether their employer is to blame.

Construction accidents: Crane injures 2 workers

Construction workers here in New York and across the country do important work that is often dangerous. One recent accident on a construction site that left two workers with serious injuries shows just how dangerous it can be. It is imperative that workers understand the risks of construction accidents and their rights should one happen to them.

Construction accidents: Man dies after fall from roof

This nation owes a great deal of thanks to construction workers. Not only are they responsible for creating buildings, but their jobs can often be dangerous, with a high risk of injury or even fatality. When an employer or another party fails to enact needed safety precautions, workers can get seriously hurt in construction accidents. One recent accident here in New York resulted in one worker's death after he suffered a horrific fall. 

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