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Head and brain injuries prevalent among construction workers

New York construction workers face an endless list of safety hazards that could lead to life-altering injuries. Head and brain injuries are typically associated with contact sports and car accidents instead of construction work. However, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says a significant number of workers nationwide suffered severe or fatal head injuries over recent years.

Pedestrian dies of head injury after hit and run

Though many people survive serious injuries to the head and brain, there are countless more who do not. The families of victims are often left to pick up the pieces after such a devastating loss, and they may struggle to come to terms with what happened to their loved one. This is particularly true in situations where a person suffered a head injury due to someone else's negligence, as in -- for example -- a car accident. A New York pedestrian recently suffered a fatal head injury that police say was due to a hit-and-run driver, a loss that didn't have to occur.

Brain injury findings may indicate recovery potential

People here in New York suffer brain injuries in a number of ways, but when they happen due to someone else's negligence, they may be all the more traumatizing for everyone involved. A brain injury that causes a person to lose consciousness may be particularly serious. This type of injury could have long-lasting cognitive and physical effects, even if the person eventually wakes up. A recent study showed some promise however, as it found a simple way to determine the possibility that an unconscious patient might eventually regain consciousness. 

Brain injury may increase risk of dementia

Certain kinds of injuries can have significant consequences for those who suffer from them. Traumatic brain injuries can be particularly devastating, as the effects can last for a person's entire life. A recent study looked at this as it attempted to determine whether military veterans have a higher incidence of dementia than civilians. Though it found no increased risk between the two groups in general, it discovered an increased risk of dementia if the veteran had suffered a traumatic brain injury. This may be valuable information for anyone here in New York who has a loved one with such an injury.

Bicycle safety can prevent head and brain injuries

As the weather continues to get warmer here in New York, more and more people will use bikes for both leisure and transportation. As well-intentioned as this is, biking is not without risk, especially when cyclists and those around them don't take proper precautions. Falling off of a bike or being struck by a motor vehicle can result in serious head and brain injuries for a cyclist. Fortunately, there are ways to help prevent harm while riding on a bicycle that are very simple and easy to do.

Safer streets will mean fewer head and brain injuries

There are many ways that a pedestrian can be hurt in a traffic accident here in New York. One common way is when a driver making a left turn cuts diagonally across the intersection, often at increased speeds, which makes it harder to stop quickly for a crossing pedestrian. Experts say that there are simple ways to prevent these types of collisions that often result in serious head and brain injuries. One of the most effective, according to a recent study, is by upgrading the infrastructure at intersections to encourage drivers to slow down. Experts say that adding rubber curbs and bollards to keep drivers from making diagonal, quick turns will save lives.

How to prevent common head and brain injuries

No one here in New York ever expects to suffer a head injury, but those who do often see their lives change in an instant. Even a "mild" brain injury, like a concussion, can impact a person's life, in both cognitive and physical ways. There are ways to prevent concussions, and the good news is that utilizing these strategies may even help prevent more serious head and brain injuries as well. 

March is Brain Injury Awareness month

People with brain injuries know all too well how life-changing they can be. Depending on the precise injury, a person could experience both cognitive and physical ability impairment. March is Brain Injury Awareness Month in New York and across the nation and advocates want people to know the facts about brain injuries and just how they can impact people's lives.

2 deaths, traumatic brain injury result of pedestrian accident

Walking with children in a residential neighborhood here in New York state is generally considered to be a fun, pleasant activity. Unfortunately, that doesn't always mean that pedestrians are safe from nearby traffic. Nowhere is this more clear than in the case of a crash that happened late last year that left two pedestrians dead and a toddler with a traumatic brain injury. The woman said to have caused the crash was recently indicted on several charges. 

Would helmets for New York City drivers stop head injuries?

People who suffer injuries to their head or brain often face life-changing circumstances. They may see impairments to both their physical and cognitive abilities. The care they need could extend over the rest of their life, and a full recovery may never be possible. This is why many advocates here in New York and elsewhere are pushing for safety measures that many people have never really considered in the past but that may prevent head injuries.

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