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Man wins lawsuit for torn urethral wall

Most New City area residents will need to go to the doctor for a routine procedure. There are certain situations in which minimally invasive techniques need to be used in order to diagnose a medical issue or to fix a medical problem. Most of the time these procedures go as planned and the patient is not injured. But, occasionally a serious accident occurs where the patient suffers an unexpected injury.

Hospitals tend to blame mothers when birth doesn't go right

The news that the U.S. is the most dangerous place in the developed world to give birth is startling. It is hard to believe that a country in which there is so much wealth and hospitals that are filled with technology can still have such dismal statistics when it comes to childbirth. A birth injury can be serious and sometimes they are even caused by negligent behavior on the part of the medical provider.

Lack of oxygen during birth can lead to serious injury

The birth of a baby is often an exciting time for a family in the New City area. Families spend months planning for the new arrival and attending birth classes so they know what to expect when the big moment arrives. Despite all the planning that a family may do, a baby may suffer from a preventable birth injury.

Has your child been affected by Erb's Palsy?

Expectant parents in the New City area are filled with anticipation and excitement for the birth of their child. They can spend months buying furniture, decorating a nursery, buying clothes and just getting themselves ready. This is a very exciting time for families and they anticipate that everything will go as planned. But, what happens when a birth injury occurs?

Are emergency rooms failing to diagnose a heart attack?

Almost every New City area resident knows someone who has had a heart attack. Heart disease is the leading cause of a death for both men and women in the United States. When a person presents themselves at the emergency room with heart attack symptoms, they expect the medical professionals will diagnose them correctly. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen and a person may be the victim of a medical misdiagnosis.

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