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Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis

Drivers in New York will always be at risk of suffering traumatic injuries in car accidents. Some of the worst outcomes of crashes involve spinal cord injuries that leave victims paralyzed. The location and extent of the injury determines the damage to the victim's mobility. Paralysis only results from injuries that sever or compress the spinal cord, which is protected by the spinal column.

New trial ordered for damages after fatal spinal surgery

Waiting for a loved one to come out of surgery could feel like a nightmare for anyone in New York and across the country. To then learn that the person died soon after the surgical procedure is indescribable. A man in another state whose wife died during spinal surgery received a monetary judgment in a medical malpractice lawsuit. However, he recently learned that the court voided the amount of damages awarded at that time, saying that it is not consistent with other similar cases.

Spinal cord injuries could be catastrophic

Some of the injuries caused by auto accidents, sports accidents, assaults or gunshots could leave the victims with permanent disabilities. Spinal cord injuries are one example that has left many New York accident victims with different levels of paralysis. The spinal cord contains the nerves that form the connection between the entire body and the brain. When those nerves are damaged, messages between the brain and the body are compromised.

Spinal cord injuries often have psychological impact

Most people here in New York understand just how devastating an injury to the spinal cord can be for those who suffer one. Depending on the exact circumstances, a person with a spinal cord injury could have partial or full paralysis and struggle with basic human functions that those without injury may take for granted. What many don't realize is just how much of an impact this type of injury can have on a person's psychological well-being. Fortunately, researchers are working not only to raise awareness of this aspect of spinal cord injuries but also to develop tools that can help.

Woman claims spinal cord injury due to surgical error

An injury to the spinal cord can be devastating. It can cause mobility problems that may make it difficult for a victim to sustain employment or complete basic activities of daily living. When a spinal cord injury is the result of medical error, it can seem particularly traumatic, as the patient likely put his or her trust in medical professionals that should have improved the person's life. This is what one couple alleges in their medical malpractice lawsuit against two surgeons and a hospital. New York families may be interested in this story as it could happen to anyone facing surgery.

Technology offers hope for those with spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury can change a person's life forever. It is the type of injury that can inhibit movement, affecting a person's ability to work as well as complete basic activities of daily living. Fortunately, recent technological advancements have given many of those with spinal cord injuries the ability to walk again. Families here in New York may find it fascinating that wearable robots are giving people back their mobility and freedom.

New seat belt law could prevent spinal cord injuries

Certain injuries can result in life-long trauma. The people who suffer them may require extensive care that they may have to rely on someone else to provide. Spinal cord injuries can be particularly devastating as they can impede a person's mobility; however, there are certain safety measures that can help prevent them. New York lawmakers recently passed legislation that would mandate seat belt use in cases where it previously wasn't required. If the Governor signs it, it will become law, and supporters hope it could save lives and reduce serious injury.

Could a simple injection heal spinal cord injuries?

An injury to a person's spinal cord could alter his or her entire life. Depending on the exact circumstances, spinal cord injuries can result in partial or full paralysis, meaning that affected people may not be able to work or function the same way they always have done before. Researchers recently published findings that could change all that, claiming that a certain type of injection may have the potential to heal spinal cord injuries. Here is what New York families need to know.

Navigating a legal action following a spinal cord injury

While there are some accidents that victims can walk away from, there are unfortunately some incidents that could make it impossible for a victim to walk away from unscathed. For some accidents victims in New York, a spinal cord injury could result in lifelong effects, even disabling the individual. Such an injury is shocking and challenging to cope with; however, seeking legal recourses and holding the party at fault liable for these losses could be beneficial for an injured individual.

Multi-million-dollar settlement for botched spinal surgery

Most New City area residents understand that medical professionals are valuable members of our society who do their best to help their patients and alleviate their pain and suffering. There are times when a patient needs to undergo surgery in order to help feel better. Most of the time these surgeries go as planned, but occasionally, a serious surgical error occurs and a patient suffers serious and unexpected injuries, such as a spinal cord injury.

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