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Navigating a legal action following a spinal cord injury

While there are some accidents that victims can walk away from, there are unfortunately some incidents that could make it impossible for a victim to walk away from unscathed. For some accidents victims in New York, a spinal cord injury could result in lifelong effects, even disabling the individual. Such an injury is shocking and challenging to cope with; however, seeking legal recourses and holding the party at fault liable for these losses could be beneficial for an injured individual.

Multi-million-dollar settlement for botched spinal surgery

Most New City area residents understand that medical professionals are valuable members of our society who do their best to help their patients and alleviate their pain and suffering. There are times when a patient needs to undergo surgery in order to help feel better. Most of the time these surgeries go as planned, but occasionally, a serious surgical error occurs and a patient suffers serious and unexpected injuries, such as a spinal cord injury.

How long do you have to file a personal injury lawsuit?

Sometimes the unthinkable happens to New City area residents and they may be injured at work or in a serious car accident. They may undergo a medical procedure in which a physician makes a mistake, or a number of other accidents can occur due to no fault of the victim. If this case arises, a victim's family has the legal right to hold the negligent party responsible for their mistake.

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